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18th February 2012 | The girls in Olly Murrs dressing room before their dance routine for Future West’s British Supercross at LG Arena in Birmingham.

This event is the final round for this season’s 2011/12 Championships.

4th March | Dimension dance is helping out and supporting the national talent competition UKFestival4Stars.

Welcome To Our Company

Welcome to our new look web site. Designed to be easier to navigate your way round. Dimension Dance has a lot happening again this year and we all want you to share in our experience by following us on our web site.

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Dimension Dance performed as part of a Variety Performance by Cre8tive Entertainments on Friday 6th March. The show started at 7pm and was opened by Dimension Dance with the piece “Play Nice”. This was followed by talented acts with a variety of entertainment from magic, Gawthorpe Brass Band and several music acts. Dimension Dance then opened up the second act with the debut piece “Afro-Left”. The audience was very appreciative and we were very well looked after by Thomas and Alex. Of which we pass on our thanks.

Dimension Dance Academy Teacher, has just performed at the York Theatre Royal. This was a specially commissioned piece created by Wayne McGregor. Wayne is the Artistic Director of Random Dance Company and Associate Choreographer for the Royal Ballet.

On the following Sunday 27th March the Dance Academy entered a local FESTVAL4STARS talent competiton and won their category. Which means they are representing the YORK Heat at the North Of England Regional Finsla at The Spa in Bridlington on 5th June! Over the weekend of 19th and 20th March 2011 the Dance Academy entered some local IDTA Competitons and pleaseingly won some of the catergories. Please see below the photos of the lucky winners.

This then gave the team the opportunity to plan which rides they would go on first. The plan was to go on the rides, perform, rides, perform, rides, perform, even more rides and then on to the hotel. (Although at one point one of the groups were very worried that they would not make it back to the stage in time because the ride they were in broke down metres from the end) Both teams enjoyed themselves and we would like to thank Drayton manor Park for giving us the opportunity for our young dancers to perform at a prestigious platform.

Benefits of Dancing

Dance is about so much more than just listening to some music and moving your body. In fact, when you think about it, dance is a perfect combination of exercise, social interaction, and entertainment. It ticks so many boxes at once, so it is little wonder that dance is so popular all over the world over for just about all age groups. If you have not been dancing for a while, you really ought to think about going again because you really do not know what you are missing.

Health Benefits of Dancing

The more you exercise, the more you will help to reduce stress, improve relaxation, enhance the strength of both your bones and muscles, and help you to lose weight and stay in shape. Dance really is a fantastic form of exercise as it is so much fun to do. If you had a choice of dancing or doing sit-ups there really is only going to be one winner. It is actually great for mental health to as it improves confidence, self-esteem, your mood, and according to many sources it can make you smarter as well.

Where to Dance

There are many places where you can enjoy your dancing whether it is through taking lessons, using it as part of workout such as Zumba, at a party, or during a night out down a nightclub. Of course, some of these will require you finding a partner to dance with or bringing a group of friends to add to the enjoyment.

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Get your body moving

As you can see, dancing is not only enjoyable, healthy and sociable as it can also increase your mood, improve your confidence and even make you smarter. Whether you have friends to enjoy dancing with, prefer to do it on your own, or dance along your London escort, it is definitely an activity that has many benefits and one that you should try and do as often as possible.